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 Home School Tips

LifeTips Home School Tip of the Day Logo LifeTips Home School Tip of the Day

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Recyclable Product Make Wonderful Homeschool... As you continue to seek out homeschooling materials to provide for your classroom, don't overlook neighborhood businesses. It is often cost effective for a business to donate items to your homeschool classroom rather than pay to dispose of them. Don't be afraid to ask for donations, as you are never sure who might be willing to help you out. However, when gathering donations, be sure to only take what you need for your personal classroom and to use all that you are given. It is also a very good idea to write a letter of appreciation and to have your children sign the note of thanks as well. As you begin to seek out local businesses for donations, don't overlook copy shops as a source for discarded paper scraps, empty boxes and other office supplies. Craft stores may have extra crafting supplies, used art supplies; clearance items and other items eligible for donation. Decorating stores are a great place to get wallpaper books, carpet and linoleum samples and upholstery swatches that are perfect for a wide variety of crafting and creative projects. Doctor and dentists offices are often happy to donate used magazines that can be used within your classroom for different art and language art projects. Local contractors often have a wide variety of wood scraps that they might donate, which work wonderfully for wood projects, building blocks and other artistic needs. The most important thing in seeking out new or used materials for your home school resources is to keep your eyes open and ask.

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